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“This is a brave book. Once again, the pioneer of women’s liberation is our century makes us consider the nature of freedom - what it is and who has a right to it.” 

- Andrea Dworkin, author of Letters from a War Zone

“[Millett] takes you inside her mind in a way that no psychiatrist has ever done, and what you see there is not a mad woman, but another person, just like you, only a little bit more talented, and very, very sane (but damned man).  It is a magic book”  


  - Jeffrey Moussaief Masson, author of The Assault on Truth

“Kate Millett is magnificent: a historical figure in her own lifetime, a truly exciting writer, a chronicler of our times... [Her] critique of institutional psychiatry and our well-meaning collusion with it is devastating and true.” 

- Phyllis Chesler, author of Women and Madness


The Looney Bin Trip  is the powerful, staggeringly personal story of Kate Millett’s struggle to regain control of her life after falling under an ascription of manic depression.  Beginning with the summer when she decides to go off lithium prescribed to combat depression, Millett courses through a season of doubt about her own sanity and the loyalty of the people around her.

   Tormented by the fear that her own mind is “too dangerous” to be left to its own devices, haunted by recollections of two brief, involuntary commitments to mental hospitals, she become increasingly terrified of being “captured” again.  Millett’s nightmares come true when she is forcibly confine to a mental hospital while traveling in Ireland. 

   “I am telling you what happened to me,” Kate Millett says, “in a the hope that it may help all those who have been or are about to be in the same boat.”  Her story illuminates not only the personal but also the social conditions of mental illness.  A new preface comments on recent movements for patients’ rights and notes touchstone books that have begun to treat the still-taboo ground of psychiatric confinement.

The Loony-Bin Trip

University of Illinois Press (August 28, 2000)

1st edition, 1990

ISBN-10: 0252068882

ISBN-13: 978-0252068881

This title available here: $25.00 Plus S&H.




All proceeds from sales will go to support

The Millett Center for the Arts. 


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