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[An] autobiographical work of dazzling exhibitionism.

                                  - New York Times Book Review 


In a kaleidoscopic, almost cinematic style, Kate Millett unreels her inner and outer life during one decisive year: the year after Sexual Politics transformed her almost overnight from unknown sculptor to media star.

   In the heady atmosphere of instant fame, while she is constantly moving between New York and London, Cape Cod and her farm in Poughkeepsie, Millett’s days and nights are filled with flashes of anger, moments of intimacy, appointments, funerals, divorces, parties, and meetings.  Her response is to write it all down, resulting in the book she called “the most fun I ever had as a writer.”

   A rushing, swirling outpouring of intimate self-revelation, Flying sweeps the reader along in a whirlwind of anxiety, exhilaration, and white-hot passion.  Millett retraces her strict Irish-Catholic upbringing in St. Paul Minnesota, and the shock of early sexual feelings and events.  She recounts the guilt of her first love for another woman and the joy of her relationship with her husband, the Japanese sculptor Fumio Yoshimura.  With compete candor, Millett reveals a turmoil of memories, fears,and triumphs; her doubts about her own strength in fulfilling the role of visionary for the women’s movement, pressure from the movement when she reveals he bisexuality to the press, and, finally, a renewed determination to live and grow as an artist and writer.


First edition, 1974

University of Illinois Press;

(August 28, 2000)

ISBN-10: 0252068866

ISBN-13: 978-0252068867

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All proceeds from sales will go to support

The Millett Center for the Arts. 


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