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“Powerfully written, with passages of clear and deeply felt insight” 


- San Francisco Chronicle

“The Politics of Cruelty is perhaps her strongest book since Sexual Politics” 


- Catharine Stimpson

“A political, philosophical, historical, and aesthetic record of the best in the human spirit - in luminous resistance to the worst of modern times.”


- Robin Morgan


From one of the most influential figures of the last twenty years - the author of Sexual Politics - comes this this brilliant work in which Kate Millett sets out a new theory of politics for our time, a harrowing view of the modern state based on the practice of torture as a method of rule, as conscious policy.  It is, int he words of the noted Iraqui dissident Kanan Makiya, “a passionate, heroic effort to fathom the nature of a phenomenon that all too often drains us emotionally and incapacitates us intellectually.”

   Millett analyses the individual’s monumental fear of the state through the rich literature of its expression - a mixture of literary text (Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago, Mathaben’s Kaffir Boy, Bharadwaj’s film Closet Land), the reports of witnesses, legal theory, and historical account.  The literary version of their experience is the most arresting; it prevails and persuades with the greatest effect; the reality of the victim, the social and psychological climate of life under dictatorship, the moment of capture when one is “disappeared,” that pivotal electronic second after which nothing is ever the same.

The Politics of Cruelty:

An Essay on the Literature of Political Imprisonment

W W Norton & Co Inc., NY  (June 17, 1995)

ISBN-10: 0393313123

ISBN-13: 978-0393313123

This title available here: $25.00 Plus S&H.




All proceeds from sales will go to support

The Millett Center for the Arts. 


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