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“Kate Millett opens the door of memories for all of us whose lives were changed by a magical relative, and whose families were crossroads of different social classes.” 

                                                                          - Gloria Steinem

“In this age of the memoir, Mother Millett stands out for its nervy, haunting, runaway intensity - for all those qualities we’ve long associated with Kate Millett’s life and writing.  Centered o the tumultuous story of her mother’s aging and decline, the book immerses us in a maelstrom of raw emotion and unsparing insight.  Kate Millett dares us once again, to stand close to the fire”

                           - Martin Duberman, author of Cures,  Paul Robeson,

                                                                      Stonewall, and Left Out


Kate Millett’s tremulous and hauntingly beautiful memoir begins with a telephone call from Minnesota where her mother is dying.  Her return home to a severe, intelligent, and controlling matriarch is the catalyst for a meditation on her upbringing in middle America and her subsequent outcast status as a political activist, artist, and lesbian. She confronts members of her own family who make devastating decisions about Mother Millett’s care, a health-care system that does not consult its patients about their futures, and her own feats and limitations as she encounters her mother in her final years.

   Mother Millett is an intensely personal journey through the author’s interior life, a subject she has visited over the years in such classic texts as Sita and The Looney Bin Trip.  In these pages are reflections on a life of political engagement, beginning with the sexual politics of the feminist movement, proceeding to the struggle for gay liberation, and culminating in her campaign for housing rights on the Lower East Side of New York where she and her neighbors currently face eviction.  Throughout, Millett confronts her fears of losing her mother, the anchor to a world she has long ago rejected but which continues to define her.

   Echoing Philip Roth’s Patrimony, Millett writes with great poignancy about caring for the person who brought her into the world.  A role reversal that brings with it both devastation and grace.

Mother Millett

Verso (May 2001)

ISBN-10: 1859846076

ISBN-13: 978-1859846070

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The Millett Center for the Arts. 


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