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“A memoir, an album of family secrets, a love letter - what a charming, funny, poignant book this is!”    

                                                                           - Robin Morgan

“In this loving and insightful tribute to the aunt who shaped her life, Kate Millett opens the door of memory for all of us whose lives were changed by a magical relative, and whose families were crossroads of different social classes.” 

                                                                             - Gloria Steinem

Chosen by The New York Times as a “Notable Book of the Year”  1995


This is a book about love and the influence of money.  It is also a dialogue between artist and patron, student and teacher, and a story of growing up gay in a time and place where circumstances were sufficiently difficult to encourage dishonesty and dishonor, Kate Millett lied to her mentor, and confidante (and in a sense her first love), Aunt Dorothy - A.D. - in order to study at Oxford with her own first woman lover.

   A.D., Anno Domina the three Millett sisters called her, an adolescent pun on her magnificence.  Their father’s sister, she was wealthy, an aesthete, and a leading figure in society in St. Paul Minnesota.  Dorothy Millett Hill married a great American fortune, was friends with F. Scott Fitzgerald, and danced with the Prince of Wales.  She was a wit and a beauty, and young Kate was bewitched by her.  The romance absorbed her youth yet ended in betrayal and estrangement when Kate lied to her aunt who financed her Oxford education.  Over the years there was no forgiveness, no reconciliation until A.D.’s death in 1984 brought Millett the realization that she had lost her first love.

   A.D. is about education and art and patronage- and about being gay in 1950s America- an impossible time of silence and shame, or largesses encumbered by “strings,” coerced promises ending in deceit.

A.D.: A Memoir

W W Norton & Co Inc., NY 1st edition (August 1995)

ISBN-10:   0393035247

ISBN-13: 978-0393035247

Available at Amazon $2.33 - 54.60

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The Millett Center for the Arts. 


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